Where safety and pleasure begin

How can we have fun and be safe at the same time?

We got the hint from the bone conduction speaker.

The bone conduction does not cover your ears, so it doesn't affect your hearing even if used for a long time.

Also You can recognize some sudden dangerous situations and prevent accidents.

REAL X consider making a walkie-talkie by taking the advantages of bone conduction.

Considering instant communication, easy use, and active life,

we made REAL X series, a walkie-talkie headset, not a handheld.

Real X2 is the only Walkie-Talkie Headset.

Real X2 made after much consideration

A30 and A30H are walkie-talkie that contribute to the improvement of athletes' skills by delivering real-time guidance contents for sports education.

A30H is rated IP67 that has waterproof function, so you can communicate underwater without any problems.

A40H adds radio capabilities to the headset, maximizing portability and convenience to increase user satisfaction.

We designed a microphone to enable two-way communication for industrial sites.

Real X2 is a walkie-talkie designed to make sports leisure users safer and more convenient.

It has 27 channels and can be transmitted and received up to 2km. 

It is made of lightweight 50g to minimize discomfort when worn for a long time.

By adding Bluetooth capabilities, it can not only radio but also listen to music and make phone calls.

It's Real X2, a walkie-talkie that was born after much consideration of how to deliver sound accurately and how to wear comfortably.

Promote the value of Real X2 to the world

Currently, Real X's walkie-talkies are used in various fields.

We contribute to the future development of walkie-talkie by ensuring the safety of users in leisure sports and industrial field and helping improve performance.

In recognition of this contribution, we won the Best New Product Award with Samsung Electronics and LG at the 2018 Korea Electronics Exhibition (KES), the largest exhibition in IT.

We have proven the value of REAL X by being praised as a must-have product in various fields and leisure sports.

With Real X series, you will experience safety wherever you are.

Why don't you go on a special trip with the Real X series that makes your daily life more fun?

Anytime, Anywhere, REAL X2